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Fvegnash festival 2019

“10th Fvegnash Festival 2019” Sadanga, Mountain Province

This article is a sequel to the following article about the Fvegnash festival:

good MOrning

In the morning in June 24th 2019, I wake up a room of mayor’s house.

Poblacon, Sadanga has no inn. So the mayor kindly let me stay at his house. The morning sun shining through the windows refreshed me, and at breakfast everyone warmly welcomed me.

This morning was one of the most satisfying mornings I’ve had.

Sadanga has hot spring called “Maatong”. Local people use it as a public bath that can be used naked.

I was grad to be able to enjoy the public bath after a long time. Because in my home country of Japan, there are many public hot springs and it is customary to bath naked.


The first program of the day was a parade. For each barangay, they walked up the slope from the Municipal office to the elementary school.

living tradition

Each barangay performed such as traditional dance and demonstration of traditional life.

The traditional dish served at lunch was Wat-Wat, a stewed meat dish.

Old and young folks join this festival, but it is not as tourism attraction. Natural tradition is not grow for tourist but for local.

Through this festival, I love sadanga. There were things that my homeland lost in the process of modernization, such as people who are full of mutual help, traditions that are still strong and proud of the locals, connections with severe but rich nature.

Message for Sadanga

I will continue to visit Sadanga and learn from the community through photography and communicate what I have learned to those who see my photos.
Now that the corona epidemic has made it impossible to cross countries, I’m waiting for the situation to allow it.
Then please accept me again.


Yuya Takahashi

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