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beauty pageant in the Mountains

 “10th Fvegnash Festival 2019” Sadanga, Mountain Province

It was in May 2019. I was hanging around in Burnham park, Baguio and I met them who were celebrating the election of the mayor.
While talking with them, I heard that there has a festival named “Fvegnash Festival” in June.

In their story, the festival was during the 56th Municipal Foundation Day Celebration. It is an event promoting the rich cultural heritage of Sadanga, And also “Fvegnash” was known as thanks giving day celebrated after the harvest season in Sadanga.

After hearing that story, I decided to visit Sadanga. And I could get couple days of day off.

Trip to Sadanga

It took around 8 hours to go Sadanga from Baguio. I boarded the bus to Bontoc 7 hours and 1 hour ride to Sadanga.

When our jeepney arrive the square in front of municipal office, it was after 6pm. Hundreds of people surrounded the stage.

“What are they up to?”

I thought so.


When the moderator announced that a beauty pageant will be held, the eyes of the crowd were on the stage.

Attractive women are on the stage. People in the venue get excited. They are representative of each barangay.

People were gazing on the stage, and the contest was hot.

Sadanga has living traditions

And what surprised me the most was that there was a competition of traditional costumes.

It made me feel local people’s pride in their tradition.

I heard about it later that, this beauty pageant had chosen the Sadanga representative of the Lang-ay Festival in April in Mountain Province.

I hope to visit Bontoc to join Lang-ay next chance.

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