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A web gallery of photographs of nature and indigenous people's life in the Cordillera region of northern Philippines. The photos are contributed by travelers and photographers who have lived and traveled there.


Jeffrey has seen Maligcong terraces and the changes over the years. He invited us in and told us all sorts of stories. With the money he earned as a driver, he sent his children to school.
Schools were built in the community and children could be educated, but gradually the children only obeyed the teachers and not the elders because getting good grades is worthy of respect.
In the old days, if an old man was passing by, a young man would fly over and carry his luggage without hesitation. Nowadays, if you don’t say something, they don’t move.
He said sadly that the rituals had become a formality.

A carabao greeted me while i was taking my morning walk
The path of the rice terraces are used as roads to school
Slippers in the classroom of the elementary school
A child playing in the school
The smile of a child is the best peaceful scene for everyone.
The boy who looks like a monkey
 Orange world and blue sky – he will see the world as orange.
A workshop class with Agus Nur Amal from Aceh
Everyone looked very happy.
Carabao and his uncle 
On the way home from school, the carabao that greeted us earlier has a job ahead of him.
A woman and the footpath
Taking a break in the rice paddy
A footpath between rice fields and a woman
She’s probably going to be working in the rice field from now on.
A dog with a dignified expression
It’s rare to meet a dog that shows this kind of expression in Japan.
Dog and footpath between rice fields
Even dogs use this footpath.
Rice planting
She was just planting rice on our walk.
There was this grandfather’s house on the road we passed. Whether it’s a garden or a road, it doesn’t seem to matter either way when you’re here.
Repairing the stone wall
Rice terraces and community
Westerners going to the hot spring
A boy standing in a town with a hot spring
children bathing in the hot springs
The two of them are happily taking a bath together.
Jeffrey’s family
The car in the back is the car he used to drive.
Jefrrey’s Hand
Hands that worked well.

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