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Payo-Voices From The Communities

Caba Village, Ifugao

My father went to work in Nagoya City from Kagoshima Prefecture when he was young for “group employment”. I grew up hearing that story, so I shudder when I hear the word “group employment”. Young people in the prime of their working lives, around 18 years of age, are disappearing from the community in droves. If that happens, the rural communities will have no heirs to the rice paddies and the tradition of Festivals is also disappearing.

Compared to Japan, in the Cordillera region, there are still many people of all ages living in the villages and many of them are out in the open and working.

A friend from Cordillera who came to visit our home in Nagano Prefecture said, “Why aren’t people on the streets in Japan? I was overwhelmed by what he said. We Japanese have become accustomed to the unnatural.

Rice planting was going on everywhere.
Throwing seedlings
Neighbors gathered to throw the seedlings and then work together to plant the rice. It’s not labor but a job for life.
Young man planting rice
Young man planting rice
Plowing the rice paddies
Carrying the seedlings
Non-native Snail
The farmer is not actually collecting Snails, but an invasive species called golden apple snail mussels. These eat the rice and the farmer said the damage is severe because they eat the rice. These Snails lay fluorescent pink eggs. Snails have been brought to Japan for consumption in the past, but the taste was not to the Japanese taste. It seems that they were not distributed. However, they have gone wild and are still damaging the rice.
Caba village originally had pastureland and carabao were used to cultivate the rice fields. But now the meadow has been replaced by gravel and sand quarry and the carabao can no longer be raised on pasture.
An old lady sang us a Japanese song, saying that she had not seen a Japanese person since the war.
Grandfather asked me if I knew a Japanese man, Mr. Ito.
The Tailor
Laundry and children
Children leaning out the window, a common sight here.
Souvenir Ducks From Ambrus
My friend, showed me around town. He told me to bring him two ducks as a souvenir.
A very unusual sight in Japan.
An unfamiliar sight in Caba village. Carabao used to graze here in the past. In place of the stone mill, the carabao disappeared from the pastures and the carabao disappeared. Traditions are quietly disappearing.
Manila to Cordillera
On the way home
Construction Sites in Manila
We saw construction sites all over Manila. They are connected to many quarries.

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