Cordillera Green Network

Our partner NGO

Cordillera Green Network (CGN) is a non-profit organization whose main goal is to empower communities for the protection and preservation of the wholesome environment of the Cordillera region.

CGN's main projects are reforestation, environment education, organic farming, and agroforestry coffee cultivation for the Indigenous communities in the Cordillera.

Hands on coffee seedling production by Eko Purnomowidi, Klassik Beans Corporative, Indonesia

Planting activities with elementary students

CGN’s experiment nursery project

CGN makes use its agroforestry program preserve and enhance the watershed areas of the communities and serves as a future livelihood for the Indigenous people. Since 2006, it started its agroforestry project in Benguet, Kalinga, Ifugao, and Mountain Province. CGN has consistently been helping indigenous farmers over the past ten years to improve the quality of coffee beans from planting to post-harvest processing. The Agroforestry project is a means to strategize coffee productivity as a tool for economic and ecological stability for communities.

Community Nursery project

Distributing the post harvesting equipment to farmers organizations

Cupping workshop with farmers in the community

With CGN's activities in coffee quality improvement farmers are continuously trained on post-harvest processing. With the knowledge gained from the series of training, farmers become confident enough to process and produce quality coffee. CGN also provides manual pulpers, drying materials, moisture meters, weighing scale, water tanks, and more to the partner coffee associations. Through CGN, these coffee farmers are capacitated with knowledge on coffee planting and management, post-harvest processing, and knowledge on roasting and cupping. With that knowledge, farmers produced paramount of quality coffee.